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ROTF – 30th September 2013

Week 5 – not long until half term!

Year 7 – Number and Patterns; Part of a Whole

  • A sequences alternative to ‘how many matchsticks’ can be found here.
  • Jim Ponds Mathematical Mission – maybe a good prep?


Year 8 – Linear Equations; Probability


  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ lesson idea addressing misconceptions in algebra.

Year 9 – The gradient of a straight line; Straight line graphs.

Year 10 – Proportion; Recurring decimals.

  • A cruise ship uses 1gallon of fuel to travel 6inches. In a 500mile cruise, how much fuel is needed?

ROTF – 16th September 2013

Into the third week of term already.

Year 7 – Directed numbers; Number and Patterns

  • A game to practice adding and subtracting negatives. I have a set of the dice needed at Kings.
  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ suggested lesson.
  • A starter to get them settled – great revision on the rules of directed number.
  • Factors and multiples game – you just need to print out some 100 grids.
  • Find the primes. An online game.
  • Why is 1 not prime? A good video explanation.

Year 8 – Multiplication and Division of Fractions.

Year 9 – Simplifying algebraic expressions, products and brackets; Solving equations

  • Expand and simplify matching activity.

Year 10 – Circle theorems; Probability


I’ll play you for homework…

Today, my class had worked really hard and so I decided to “play for homework”. I challenged them to a game of Nim which, if I won I would set homework and if they won they would get no homework. A class representative stepped for but, unfortunately for them, I won because I knew the strategy. However, within 3 minutes they had (as a class) figured it out and were begging me for a rematch so they could have no homework.

Having really liked how quickly they engaged when a night off from homework was at stake, I thought this is something I would like to do every few weeks but I need more games that I am (almost) guaranteed to win.

Please tweet me your suggestions! @mrsoclee

ROTF (Resources of the fortnight) – 2nd September 2013

This fortnight includes the first week of term, so there will be lots of admin to do as well as teaching, but here are a few ideas anyway. Just resources for Years 7 and 9 at the moment.

Year 7 – Addition and Subtraction of Integers; Multiplication and Division of Integers

Year 9 – Simplifying fractions; Directed numbers and order of operations; Percentages; Standard Index form with positive indices; significant figures and decimal places.