ROTF – 16th September 2013

Into the third week of term already.

Year 7 – Directed numbers; Number and Patterns

  • A game to practice adding and subtracting negatives. I have a set of the dice needed at Kings.
  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ suggested lesson.
  • A starter to get them settled – great revision on the rules of directed number.
  • Factors and multiples game – you just need to print out some 100 grids.
  • Find the primes. An online game.
  • Why is 1 not prime? A good video explanation.

Year 8 – Multiplication and Division of Fractions.

Year 9 – Simplifying algebraic expressions, products and brackets; Solving equations

  • Expand and simplify matching activity.

Year 10 – Circle theorems; Probability


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