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ROTF – 24th March 2014

Year 7 – Probability

Year 8 – Simultaneous Equations

  • A QR code activity here.

Year 9 – Percentages; Multiples, factors, primes; HCF and LCM.

Year 10 – Circles, semicircles, sectors and arcs; Surface area and volumes of solids.

  • A nice question to introduce sectors of circles: Which pizza slice is bigger? A 9inch pizza cut in 10 slices or 7.5inch pizza cut in 8 slices?
  • A really nice way to get the students to discover the formula for surface area of a sphere – it does involve bringing oranges!
  • Dan Meyer’s Meatballs problem (from Three Act Maths) brings volumes of cylinder and spheres together nicely.

ROTF – 10th March 2014

Friday is Pi Day! Hopefully there will be some online activities as per last year, but here are a few other ideas as well.

  • Challenge your class to learn as many digits of pi as possible – prizes to whoever can remember the most.
  • Get them to write a pi-em for prep. Explanation here.
  • A nice website with lots of other ideas.

Year 7 – Metric and Imperial Units; Solids

Year 8 – Transformations

  • A fantastic collection of worksheets from the wonderful Tristan Jones – you will need a TES login.

Year 9 – Frequency Tables; Averages; Displaying Data.

  • A nice rich activity from ‘improving learning in maths’.

Year 10 – Problems involving quadratics; Quadratic inequalities; Using graphs to solve equations.


ROTF – 24th February 2014

Year 7 – Parallel lines; Straight Line Graphs

  • An unusual way to teach plotting straight line graphs.

Year 8 – Pythagoras’ Theorem; Volume

Year 9 – Trigonometry

  • A lovely extension activity here.

Year 10 – Converting units; Negative and fractional indices; Solving quadratics by factorisation; The quadratic formula.

  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ suggested lesson.

ROTF – 27th January 2014

Technically not a fortnight, as this lot will last you three weeks.

Year 7 – Formulae; Triangles and Quadrilaterals; Area and Perimeter

Year 8 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ suggested lesson for converting between fractions and decimals.
  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ suggested lesson for percentage increase and decrease.

Year 9 – Solving simultaneous equations graphically; Graphs and inequalities; Similar triangles; Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Year 10 – Cubic graphs; Reciprocal Graphs; Alternate Segment Theorem; Intersecting chords and tangents Theorem; Problems involving sets. Shading sets. Set notation.


ROTF – 13th January 2014

Year 7 – Algebra and Equations

Year 8 – Area

Year 9 – Solving equations; Using formulae; Positive integer indices; Inequalities.

Year 10 – Direct Proportion; Non-linear relationships; Inverse Proportion.


ROTF – 2nd December 2013

Phew! Nearly at the end of term. Watch out for Thursday when the date is a Pythagorean triple (5/12/13) and if you’re teaching the first lesson next Wednesday…make sure you don’t miss 09:10 on 11/12/13!

Year 7 – Algebra and Equations

  • Collecting like terms pyramid worksheets – easy and a bit harder.
  • Why is x the unknown? A short video.

Year 8 – Working with number; Straight Line Graphs

Year 9 – Ratio; Direct Proportion; Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Year 10 – Distributions; Quartiles; Measures of spread; Cumulative frequency; Inverse Proportion; Recurring Decimals


ROTF – 18th November 2013

Year 7 – Accurate use of a calculator; Introducing Geometry; Coordinates

Year 8 – Ratio

Year 9 – Venn diagrams; Standard form with negative indices; Four rules of fractions.

  • Wanna be in my gang? A nice introduction to the idea of sets. Could be expanded to having two students each choose a type of number, which introduces the idea of an intersection.

Year 10 – Sequences; Transformations.


ROTF – 4th November 2013

Refreshed and relaxed after your break? Don’t miss Thursday’s very important date – 7/11/13 – this is the last time ever that we will get consecutive primes appearing (in the UK).

Also, Monday 11th November is Origami Day! If you have a spare 10 minutes, you could show some of this video.

Year 7 – Addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals; Multiplication and division of decimals. 

Year 8 – Multiplication and Division of Fractions.

Year 9 – Basics of angles; Constructions; Loci 

  • Worth reminding them of the correct terminology when quoting angle facts. This quiz makes a nice homework, although a couple may need to be deleted before you give it to them.
  • Find it difficult to get them to take good notes on how to do construction? Simply give them a QR code to stick in alongside the notes you give. 

Year 10 – Multiplying brackets; Factorising quadratics; Solving quadratic equations; Problems leading to quadratics.


ROTF – 30th September 2013

Week 5 – not long until half term!

Year 7 – Number and Patterns; Part of a Whole

  • A sequences alternative to ‘how many matchsticks’ can be found here.
  • Jim Ponds Mathematical Mission – maybe a good prep?


Year 8 – Linear Equations; Probability


  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ lesson idea addressing misconceptions in algebra.

Year 9 – The gradient of a straight line; Straight line graphs.

Year 10 – Proportion; Recurring decimals.

  • A cruise ship uses 1gallon of fuel to travel 6inches. In a 500mile cruise, how much fuel is needed?

ROTF – 16th September 2013

Into the third week of term already.

Year 7 – Directed numbers; Number and Patterns

  • A game to practice adding and subtracting negatives. I have a set of the dice needed at Kings.
  • An ‘improving learning in maths’ suggested lesson.
  • A starter to get them settled – great revision on the rules of directed number.
  • Factors and multiples game – you just need to print out some 100 grids.
  • Find the primes. An online game.
  • Why is 1 not prime? A good video explanation.

Year 8 – Multiplication and Division of Fractions.

Year 9 – Simplifying algebraic expressions, products and brackets; Solving equations

  • Expand and simplify matching activity.

Year 10 – Circle theorems; Probability