ROTF – 24th March 2014

Year 7 – Probability

Year 8 – Simultaneous Equations

  • A QR code activity here.

Year 9 – Percentages; Multiples, factors, primes; HCF and LCM.

Year 10 – Circles, semicircles, sectors and arcs; Surface area and volumes of solids.

  • A nice question to introduce sectors of circles: Which pizza slice is bigger? A 9inch pizza cut in 10 slices or 7.5inch pizza cut in 8 slices?
  • A really nice way to get the students to discover the formula for surface area of a sphere – it does involve bringing oranges!
  • Dan Meyer’s Meatballs problem (from Three Act Maths) brings volumes of cylinder and spheres together nicely.

2 thoughts on “ROTF – 24th March 2014

  1. Great idea about the oranges…. One day I want to use this so I’ve written it down to remember next time I’m teaching about surface area. How did it go?

  2. (I’m back!) I’m planning to use the meatballs task for the first time tomorrow. Wish me luck. How are you?

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