Monthly Archives: March 2014

ROTF – 24th March 2014

Year 7 – Probability

Year 8 – Simultaneous Equations

  • A QR code activity here.

Year 9 – Percentages; Multiples, factors, primes; HCF and LCM.

Year 10 – Circles, semicircles, sectors and arcs; Surface area and volumes of solids.

  • A nice question to introduce sectors of circles: Which pizza slice is bigger? A 9inch pizza cut in 10 slices or 7.5inch pizza cut in 8 slices?
  • A really nice way to get the students to discover the formula for surface area of a sphere – it does involve bringing oranges!
  • Dan Meyer’s Meatballs problem (from Three Act Maths) brings volumes of cylinder and spheres together nicely.

ROTF – 10th March 2014

Friday is Pi Day! Hopefully there will be some online activities as per last year, but here are a few other ideas as well.

  • Challenge your class to learn as many digits of pi as possible – prizes to whoever can remember the most.
  • Get them to write a pi-em for prep. Explanation here.
  • A nice website with lots of other ideas.

Year 7 – Metric and Imperial Units; Solids

Year 8 – Transformations

  • A fantastic collection of worksheets from the wonderful Tristan Jones – you will need a TES login.

Year 9 – Frequency Tables; Averages; Displaying Data.

  • A nice rich activity from ‘improving learning in maths’.

Year 10 – Problems involving quadratics; Quadratic inequalities; Using graphs to solve equations.