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I’m so impressed with this ipad app, I thought it deserved a little blog post all to itself!

I’ve signed up to the 14 day trial for both KS3 and KS4. You can use it on a desktop, but I prefer the ipad app because you can write symbols rather than having to choose them from a list on the screen.

I had a few initial problems, but it turned out they were being caused by having too many apps running in the background, so I closed them all down and then it was fine.

Now, like any app, it’s not something I would use religiously for every topic I teach, but there is a lot I would use it for. In fact, if I was to experiment with a flipped classroom this would complement it really well. It would be particularly good to give to a lower ability student who needed lots of practice on a topic involving multiple steps, but needed reassurance along the way – you know the type, they don’t like doing more than one step at a time without being told they they’re doing it right. Or alternatively, the opposite kind of student who just races through without much care.

Take solving equations for example. Below are some screenshots I have taken from the app, and you can see that as you do each line, the app tells you whether you are okay to continue, or whether you have made a mistake. It also includes hints that you can use if you are stuck. I’ve experimented, and you can use whatever method you like and as long as each line is mathematically correct, the app is happy.



Make a mistake, and it lets you know immediately and gives the opportunity to correct yourself…



A fantastic way to have a group of students getting the equivalent ‘individual attention’ that a teacher would only be able to give to them on a 1:1 basis.

I fully intend to trial this with my students – probably with my bottom set Year 10 in the run up to their mock exams next year.