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Setting up your ipad – twitter

Okay, I’m not going to go into great detail as there’s a fantastic document that you should read instead (below).

But probably your main question will be “Why would I want to be on twitter?” And all I’ll say is this. Have you ever sat having coffee with a colleague, and they’ve mentioned a recent lesson and you’ve thought “Wow, that’s a great idea, I must try that.” Well, being on twitter is basically like sitting and having coffee with 500 colleagues!

I have a purely professional twitter account – @mrsoclee – the only people I follow are to do with education, and the only things I post are the kind of things I would be talking about in the staffroom. Download the app, choose a username and give it a try!


Setting up your ipad – Evernote, Dropbox, etc

I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical about Evernote and Dropbox at first, but over the summer I have been using them, well, properly I suppose and I’ve become a bit of a convert…

Let me start by saying that I’m messy. To some of you, this will come as no surprise. Perhaps one of my worst crimes is to do with my pigeonhole – basically, I use it as a filing cabinet. “Ooh, that piece of paper looks important, but I’m a long way from my classroom so I’ll just leave it in there until I need it.”

Dropbox and Evernote do fairly similar things, so I’ll show you both then explain how I use them.

Dropbox first of all:

And Evernote:

I tend to use Dropbox for worksheets and other ideas that I come across on the web. If you are on your ipad and see something you like on the web or on twitter, there is usually an option to open and save it in Dropbox which makes it really easy to find new things. Similarly, if there is something on the school system that I might want to look at later at home, I can put it in Dropbox rather than email it to myself. It’s also very easy to share folders with other people, and there are lots of lovely people on twitter who have shared their own Dropboxes with me so I can steal use other people’s resources. Essentially I use Dropbox like I use “My Documents” on the computer – slightly disorganised, but I know everything is in there somewhere! (I should say you can of course keep things organised in your Dropbox using folders, but I might not always do so…)

Evernote I use in a slightly more organised fashion – I have lots of different folders, including one for each class. In each folder I have the scheme of work, maybe some lesson plans, any information on students that is important (like SEN statements). I use Genius Scan+, which basically turns your ipad camera into a scanner, to convert a picture of important documents into PDF files and save them in Evernote.

Those are just a few ideas, but download the apps and start experimenting!