Pythagoras lesson

Just had to share about a lovely Pythagoras lesson I just had with a bright Year 8 group.

Thanks to the amazing Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) I found some great resources through her resourceaholic blog – specifically these Pythagoras problems from The Chalk Face and Spiderbox and this problem from Illustrative Mathematics.

I cut the problems up and put one on each pair of desks. The girls were allowed to work in pairs and simply had to present me with as many correct answers as they could in one hour. They had 3 ‘hint’ tokens that they could trade in for help at any point.

I was really pleased with how they worked, one pair even manged five correct solutions in the time allowed. What was great was how persistent they were about going back and trying again and again if they got it wrong – something they would never do under usual circumstances!

My group have only just learnt Pythagoras’ Theorem, but this is something you could bring out for revision with older classes as well.


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