ROTF – 4th November 2013

Refreshed and relaxed after your break? Don’t miss Thursday’s very important date – 7/11/13 – this is the last time ever that we will get consecutive primes appearing (in the UK).

Also, Monday 11th November is Origami Day! If you have a spare 10 minutes, you could show some of this video.

Year 7 – Addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals; Multiplication and division of decimals. 

Year 8 – Multiplication and Division of Fractions.

Year 9 – Basics of angles; Constructions; Loci 

  • Worth reminding them of the correct terminology when quoting angle facts. This quiz makes a nice homework, although a couple may need to be deleted before you give it to them.
  • Find it difficult to get them to take good notes on how to do construction? Simply give them a QR code to stick in alongside the notes you give. 

Year 10 – Multiplying brackets; Factorising quadratics; Solving quadratic equations; Problems leading to quadratics.


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