Setting up your iPad – Your Timetable

There are lots of fancy apps available to use for your timetable, and if you are going to use an online planner like iTeacherbook or Idoceo (more on them later) then you can have your timetable set up within those apps, but sometimes there will be an occasion when you just want to be able to see your timetable at a glance. 


You know, when you’re in the staffroom having a cup of tea and you’re pretty sure you know what your next lesson is but you’d just better check because it might be Year 11 and Oh God you really can’t face Year 11 and if it’s Year 11 next you might just need something stronger than tea…that sort of occasion.


The easiest thing to do is have a picture of your timetable (and how you get the picture is up to you, perhaps draw it out by hand and snap a picture of it with the iPad camera or (as I did) do it in excel, take a screenshot and then email that to yourself and save it in your camera roll). The key thing is to have a border round the timetable, so that the edges aren’t obscured, and then set the picture as your lock screen.


So now, whenever my iPad is awakened, I see this…timetable at a glance.


One thought on “Setting up your iPad – Your Timetable

  1. Martin Middleton says:

    Love this idea. So simple.

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