Resources for the second half of term

Year 7 – Grouping data; Symmetry; Multiplication and Division of Fractions

  • Pie chart flags
  • Funny pie charts here and here.
  • A nice video showing rotational symmetry. Warning! Flashing lights!
  • A video showing mirror dancing – plane symmetry.
  • Synchronised swimming video – fast forward to 2 mins for some great rotational symmetry.
  • Exploded flowers – might make a nice homework to make their own symmetrical exploded flower.
  • Face symmetry – use celebrities or photos of themselves.

Year 8 – Solving Equations; Scale Drawing; Travel Graphs; Scatter Graphs

  • A TES resource on scale drawing a theme park (login required).
  • A TES resource on travel graphs (login required).
  • My favourite video, and a nice way to introduce scatter graphs.

Year 9 – Travel Graphs; Averages from frequency Tables; Inverse Percentages; Upper and Lower Bounds.

  • A TES resource on travel graphs (login required).
  • A TES resource looking at upper and lower bounds with Popeye (login required).

Year 10 – Financial Arithmetic; Functions; Tangents to a curve; Vectors.

  • A nice comparison of compound interest and simple interest.
  • Have a look at and their loan calculators (shocking!)
  • A TES resource looking at world debt (login required).

One thought on “Resources for the second half of term

  1. Martin Middleton says:

    Nicely done Sasha. Thank you.

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