Revision lesson review

Today I did an hours revision lesson with top set Year 9. I split them into 4 teams and did a three part challenge.

Part 1

Team Tarsia on percentages – they enjoyed it but the team that finished first had a bit of ‘dead time’ while waiting for the rest of the teams to finish. To be honest I think Tarsias are best given as homeworks.

Part 2

A collective memory challenge on Pythagoras and Trigonometry

The least successful of the three. Despite telling them to use their brains to figure out things rather than just trying to remember them, some rubbish was still produced! In fact, more attention was given to the diagrams and the colours used than the actual mathematical content.

Part 3

By far the most successful. I used an excellent resource from here which went down very well. Each team selected how many points they wanted to try for, which corresponded to the level of difficulty, and I gave them a minute to come up with the answer. The activity was much improved when I introduced a ‘steal’ option, so that if a team answered wrongly all the other teams could hold up their answer on a mini whiteboard and if they were correct then they all ‘stole’ half the available points. It kept everyone on task and they really enjoyed it.

Hopefully I can adapt that excellent powerpoint and put in questions of my own to suit my classes.

Not bad lesson at all considering I only started planning it 15 minutes before!


2 thoughts on “Revision lesson review

  1. Arnav says:

    This sounds like a very interesting lesson! Check out my Maths worksheets, videos, tutorials and programs for use in the classroom on my website.

  2. It sounds like an interesting lesson for everyone. I like Tarsias. When I use them in lessons I have some instructions on the board about what to do when finished. For example, to write down what strategies they used to solve the puzzle questions, or to copy the three Q&As they found most interesting, or to go on to another task.

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