How much is a multitude?


  [muhl-ti-tood, -tyood]


1. a great number; host: a multitude of friends.
2. a great number of people gathered together; crowd; throng.
3. the state or character of being many; numerousness.
4. the multitude, the common people; the masses.
So basically, it’s a lot. And the definition seems to fit twitter very well – ‘a great number of people gathered together’.
The problem I’m having is…it’s too much! I’ve got some great ideas, and I’m working on a nice little project at the moment with the app ‘Explain Everything’ which is great. But hundreds of other ideas flash past me on my news feed every day and there are always one or two that I see and think “that would be great for when I’m next looking at *insert topic here*!”
I could go to the link, download the resource and save it in the relevant folder so I know it’s there for next time, but that takes a couple of minutes and sometimes I just don’t have that couple of minutes. And if I don’t do that, will I ever find that tweet again?
So today I discovered, the power of the retweet! Yes, yes, I know this is nothing new. But when the power of the retweet is combined with ‘Your Twitter archive’ then it becomes gloriously powerful.
‘Your Twitter archive’ can be found right at the bottom of your settings page, and it will download all of your tweets to a .csv file, and from there you can simply use ‘Find…’ to locate the tweet in question. Just make sure your retweet includes the keyword that you will search for.
If you don’t want to clog up others news feeds with huge numbers of retweets, then a reply will do just as well. A quick ‘Hey, thanks for the great *insert topic here* resource at *insert link here*’ will appear in your archive just as clearly as a retweet. Just make sure it includes the keyword that you will search for, and the link.
Okay, so maybe people already know about all this, or have other (far superior) ways of keeping track of past tweets, but for me this is an amazing discovery! Over the next couple of months I’ll retweet/reply to all of the resources I will want to use again in the future, and then when I actually have some time, I can organise them all properly.

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