Venturing into the world of video.

So, I am a HUGE fan of this post and think the idea of ‘forgetting curve homeworks’ are absolutely fantastic.

I am in the process of creating a series of ‘forgetting homeworks’ for Year 7 to use next year, and I have the beginnings of something here. I wanted to group specific types of questions together and include links to videos so that if students can’t remember what to do, they can have a look at the video to remind themselves. The videos used were taken from the fantastic However, while the videos are brilliant for learning topics, they are probably slightly too long and thorough for just a quick ‘memory-jog’ and also the collection is, as yet, limited to certain topics.

So, tonight I ventured into creating my own video – just a quick recap of what to do if you are stuck. I used an ipad app called ‘Explain Everything’ and was really impressed with it! The result is here.

Thoughts, as always, are very welcome but please bear in mind that this project is in its very early stages!


2 thoughts on “Venturing into the world of video.

  1. Really like the use of Explain Everything. Very interested to see how this develops.

  2. […] I’m hoping to use it next year in the form of ‘forgetting homeworks’ (see more here). Plus there’s great potential for the students to get involved in making their own videos as […]

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