Making sense of it all…

Well, it’s only been a week since my first blog, and in that time I have been amazed by the volume of resources and ideas available on twitter and on various blogs. I am so inspired, but inevitably I’m at the wrong point in the year to use some of the amazing resources I have found. So I know it’s vital for me to collate and organise everything I’ve found and want to use, and link it all in with the scheme of work so that next year I know exactly what to use and when. That’s massive task number 1 then.

The second massive task I want to undertake is inspired by this post

Forgetting curve homeworks? What a fantastic idea. We set two homeworks a week per class and I would love one of those homeworks each week to be a forgetting curve homework. Trouble is, that involves writing about 30 homeworks per year group. And should they be differentiated? Or just aimed in the middle? Or have 10 basic questions, 10 middling questions and a few advanced *bonus* questions at the end? I guess it’s best to trial it next year, maybe with Year 7 & 8 and see how it goes.

Hopefully I will find some time towards the second half of this term when exam classes are gone (though I always think that and it never happens!) because I really do want to make the best of everything out there and start next year with a real bang.


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